How to spot a good agent

Getting an agent license isn’t a very complicated task nowadays; it’s not easy by any means, but it’s more accessible than it was a decade or two ago. While it’s great because you can pursue a career, it also comes with a major downside – anyone can become one. That’s why you should evaluate your agent before giving them the permission to handle your property.

Do they have local knowledge?

It’s crucial to have an agent who’s informed and educated about the neighborhood or even the town you live in. The more they know about the local environment, activities, and people in general, the more chance you have to sell the property.

Are they honest?

Sellers need an honest agent; there’s no doubt about that. You can figure out if someone is messing with you or hiding something pretty easy. Watch for stuttering, sweating, and other signs of anxiety. If you notice some unusual signs, run a background check on your agent and check their portfolio.


The looks

An agent has to have a representative look because it leaves a good impression on potential buyers. Although many people say that looks are irrelevant, it’s not quite true. A lot of studies have shown that people have more trust in well-dressed individuals with good manners and politeness. It may sound a bit superficial, but looks affect the chance for success. Also, an agent’s knowledge of technology can make or break a deal.