Using the Internet to sell your home

In the old days, you had to pay for TV commercials, set up an ad on the radio, and put a ton of ads in the local newspaper. However, the modern technology brought great wonders upon us, and one of those is the Internet. With the help of the almighty Internet, you can sell your property in record time for a good price. All you have to do is use these few tips and come up with an alluring ad.

Using Instagram

instaInstagram is an extremely popular social network focused exclusively on the image (and video) sharing. That’s a great opportunity for you to advertise the property you’re selling. Make sure to take quality pictures of every room, corner, and the yard to leave a good impression on potential buyers. Avoid using filters because they present an unreal condition of the premises. Try to upload unedited photos, and you’ll have a better chance because people have respect for honesty. However, if you decide to edit some of the pictures, notify the buyers by telling them in the description that you’ve done some editing.


fbFacebook is also an extremely popular social network with over a billion users. You’ll never find a market that big outside the Internet. There are a lot of real estate related groups on Facebook – start there. Create an album with the images of your property and start sharing. The more you share, the more people will see your offers. It’s also very easy to communicate with potential buyers because of the instant messaging system.


redReddit is a website with over 230 million unique users and more than 8 million page views per month. It’s safe to say that’s a pretty big market for any business, let alone real estate. Reddit consists of subreddits which can be referred as subcategories.